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Get Involved

Are you interested in joining our team? Do you wish to propose a collaboration? Do you want to know where you can find shark-related resources? Read the information below to find the answers to your questions.


We're happy to answer questions from students or prospective biologists about career advice and resources. From time to time we are able to provide virtual volunteer opportunities, if this interests you please use our email in the contact section below, making sure to include your contact info and a copy of your C.V. 


1. Social Media and Communications intern/volunteer

2. Scientific intern/volunteer

If you are interested in either of these remote, volunteer positions please send us an email and a copy of your C.V.


Collaboration is one of our core principles and as such we are constantly in search of new collaborations with universities, NGOs, ecotourism organisations and independent research groups. If you would like to propose a potential collaboration, please reach out using the contact information below.


If you are an educator in search of shark and ray themed resources please contact us with detailed information regarding your needs. We can provide bespoke educational resources upon request.

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